No, we didn’t die…

…we’ve been occupied with A LOT of stuff these past months.

We’re sorry for not being the least bit active for quite some time. Since we’re only two people there’s just no time for everything, not to mention various set backs. Nakadai caught some epiglottis and spent some time in the ICU, but is back on track now. Illnesses aside, there’s been (and still is) a lot of things going on, making it hard to keep Couch Co-Op updated, but feel comforted by the fact that we’ll have some new, fun stuff coming in the fall…

We’re currently spending quite some time in the studio recording our album with Boo.Ska.Boo and we’ve been planning for a new video series which you will be able to follow on Youtube once we get it running. We really want to tell you guys what it is, but I’ll hold my tongue and let it be a surprise instead. All I can say, as a disclaimer, is that it will be in Swedish, but fear not! We’ll sub every episode, so you’ll probably be able to enjoy it anyway.

Thanks for the patience and we’ll see you soon!

/ NKD Gamer & Dave the Destroyer


About spelkrabaterna

Nakadai och David är två krabater. Och de spelar en massa tv-spel.

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